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Snowed Over by Angie Stanton Book Review

I have a little stack of winter holiday books I want to read in December. Every year I read one or two holiday books but I’m raising the bar this year. I even have a holiday collection created on my kindle, and started planning my reading list right after Halloween. One of the nice things about holiday books is many times they are short romances or novellas that you can read over winter break. The first winter holiday book I read this season is a Christmas novella by Angie Stanton called Snowed Over. How cute is this cover?!

Snowed Over by Angie Stanton book cover

At the time I was shopping around for holiday books I was starting to get hooked on New Adult books and then I spotted this one. Snowed Over is about two college students/acquaintances, Katie and Alex, who agree to carpool home for Christmas. This is Katie’s first Christmas after her parents separation, and she’s dreading spending the holidays at her mom’s new boyfriends’ place. Alex is engaged and is facing an unpleasant task at home this Christmas. They both get to put off their dreaded trips home when a blizzard hits and forces the pair to take shelter in an abandoned cabin, where sparks fly.

This book is really sweet and I think the novella length is just perfect for the story. It takes place in a short amount of time right over Christmas. The story focuses mainly on just the two characters but their families also play a supporting role. The characters are likeable, and they have chemistry- yes, Alex is supposed to be engaged to someone else so that is a complication. The situation they are in of trying to manage in the blizzard over the holidays with a relative stranger makes for an interesting backdrop to the story.

It doesn’t snow where I live so I liked getting that wintery feeling through the book. You could feel the chill in the air through the pages. It’s just a cozy book to curl up with for a couple of hours.

The romance is really adorable and it’s good holiday pick-me-up overall. I thought Alex and Katie were charming together. I wouldn’t mind reading more of their story, but meanwhile I’ll be looking for more books from Angie Stanton.

I purchased the kindle edition of Snowed Over, and it’s a bargain @ $2.99. And guess what, the author just shared the good news that she signed a four book deal with HarperCollins, so there are more good things to come. Read more about Snowed Over on Goodreads.

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  1. I love that cover too and really enjoy books like this during the holidays.

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  2. i am not usually a huge holiday theme reader. though this year i did put a few romance type anthologies and novellas on my christmas reading list. this one sounds cute. what else if on your christmas reading list?

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    • Looking forward to your holiday romance reviews :) I’m reading Decked with Holly, Ex-mas, and Mistletoe (anthology) hopefully… if I can get to them all!

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  3. I have a towering pile of books to read – that i want to read – and I just can’t manage a holiday books list. But….I really want to read this one! The minute I hit post on this I’ll grab my Kindle to download this book! ;)

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