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Mailbox Monday #35

Mailbox Monday buttonMailbox Monday is a weekly event where we share our latest book arrivals. Join in to share your book loot and discover some new book blogs. Unabridged Chick is the host for February, so be sure to say hi and link up!

Not gonna lie – there was some squeeing this week about some of these new arrivals:

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e-Books for Review:

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland – from Disney Hyperion via NetGalley – This is my kind of book – it looks like an emotional contemporary romance, and the setting catches my eye too.

Gameboard of the Gods by Richelle Mead from Dutton Adult via Edelweiss- So psyched to read this one! Yay, a new adult series from Mead!

Audiobooks for Review:

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead, read by Emily Shaffer, from Penguin Audio – First time listening to any of Mead’s books via audio- it’s a very different experience! Receiving this one made my day.

A Tangle of Knots by Lisa Graff, read by Katie Honaker, from Penguin Audio – This Middle Grade novel looks so cute. It’s about an orphan girl who lives in a world where everyone has a special talent, and hers is cake baking.

What the Spell? by Brittany Geragotelis, read by Joy Osmanski, from Simon Audio – You may guess from the title and cover that this is about a teen witch, and you would be right! Brooklyn wants to help her friends find love with her cool new powers, but she still has to be careful to keep her magic a secret.


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, audiobook read by Susan Lyons – This book has been getting rave reviews and totally looks worth an Audible credit.

Collide by Gail McHugh – An NA romance that’s getting a lot of buzz. I just started reading it even though I already have a few books going.


Altered by Jennifer Rush – Looks fun, and it has sci-fi, action, and apparently shirtless boys.

Level 2 by Lenore Appelhans – I’ve been curious about this book since I first heard about it over a year ago. Glad I can finally see what it’s all about.

The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst, audiobook read by Coleen Marlo – This contemporary romance series looks like a good valentine’s read, and the audio is only 6 hours long.

Happy reading! What books are you excited to read this week?

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  1. ahhhhh! i love richelle mead! i put in a request on ng and am crossing my fingers. not sure if i’ll get it, but i am hoping. i have never listened to any of her books on audio either. i hope you like the indigo spell.

    looks like the library had some good stuff this week, too. i haven’t been going as much in the last few weeks, but i am glad to hear that they have some good new releases in.

    hope you have a good week, lucy!

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  2. I haven’t listened to any of Richelle’s books either, but I bet TIS would be a fun audio book!

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  3. Me Before You is on my wish list but I’ve been trying to decide if I should listen or read the print edition. I’ll watch for your review. Have a great week!

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  4. Jojo Moyes is a greater writer – enjoy.

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  5. I love Jojo Moyes’ books! I hope you do – enjoy your wonderful books :)

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  6. SQuEE! Is right. Mead! Mead! Mead! I can’t wait to hear what you think. You’ve got me interested in Collide now. Watching for your updates.

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  7. You got some squee-worthy books for sure! Enjoy!

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  8. You did get some great books! I hope you love them all!

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  9. I want to read Me Before You….and The Marriage Bargain looks tempting. Thanks for sharing..and enjoy.

    Glad you could visit my blog.

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  10. Looks like a fun mailbox for you! Nantucket Blue looks like one I’d like to spend a cozy day with. Enjoy them! Thanks for visiting my Monday memes post.

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  11. Altered is really good. There are lots of shirtless hot guys but really the story is very exciting. One of my favorite debuts so far in 2013.

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  12. Great arrivals — have heard lots of buzz for Gameboard of the Gods — enjoy!

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  13. I love your slide show of books. ENJOY!!!

    Giveaway going on at my blog for THE CONFESSION by Charles Todd. It is in the post right below Mailbox Monday.

    My Mailbox Monday link is below.

    Happy Monday!!

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

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  14. Ooo, I’m waiting for a copy of Nantucket Blue from a friend, too. I’m so curious what you’ll think of LEVEL 2 and INDIGO SPELL–I’ll be on the lookout for your reviews. :)

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  15. Altered and Level 2 look so much fun. Hope you enjoy those two. I’ll be looking out for your thoughts! :)

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  16. Ooh! Nantucket Blue and Collide look like books I’ll enjoy! And I can’t go on enough about how much I loved ME BEFORE YOU! And I just finished Jojo Moyes THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER and maybe loved it even more (just a teeny tiny bit). I have a huge author crush on her! ;)

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  17. I’m really interested in Me Before You as well, it sounds interesting. Hope you enjoy it!

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  18. I’ll be very curious to hear your thoughts on Level 2: I thought it was good, by I didn’t fall completely in love with it, sadly. And Gameboard of the Gods sounds super intriguing, but I have yet to read her YA series… oops! Enjoy your new books, sounds like you have some amazing reading to do!

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  19. Nice book week. I’ve been hearing good things about Me Before You also. Maybe the audio for me too.

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  20. I might have to check out a few. :)

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