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Mailbox Monday (78)

Mailbox Monday buttonMailbox Monday is a weekly event where we share our latest book arrivals. Link up and find new mailboxes to stalk at the Mailbox Monday blog!

Once again I did not receive any physical books, which is good for my overcrowded bookshelves! However, I couldn’t pass up on a few e-book deals! 

In my (digital) mailbox for review:

Royally Lost by Angie Stanton - A girl falls for a runaway prince while on a vacation to Europe with her family. Looks cute!

The Glass Casket by McCormick Templeman – I’ve read the synopsis a few times and it sounds dark and mysterious, and Grimm fairytale inspired.

Hello, my name is Lucy and I’m a kindle deal addict. These were all in the $1-$4 range:

Tampa by Alissa Nutting - This book has generated a lot of opinions and I’ve been curious to read it for myself. It’s said to be inspired by the Debra LaFave case, and is about a female sexual predator.

Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach - I remember Wendy raved about this book so I was excited to see it on the kindle daily deal list. Looks like an excellent sci-fi read!

NOS4A2 by Joe Hill - Another category that’s out of my comfort zone- Horror! I’ve heard good things about this creepy vampire novel.

The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes - This one is about a time traveling serial killer, and I remember wanting to read it when it came out last year.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion - I have the audiobook but now I can switch off between audio and ebook. It’s described as a hilarious feel good read about a genetics professor looking for love.

The Camelot series by Ruthie Knox – This four-book series is in a new and affordable e-book bundle. I’ve liked what I’ve read by Knox so I’m excited to dig into this contemporary romance series.

Drop Everything Now by Alessandra Thomas - The third book in the Picturing Perfect series, and this installment has been compared to Magic Mike.

Fear of Falling by S.L. Jennings – A (dark) romantic New Adult book about the scars of abuse.

What’s new in your mailbox?

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  1. I have The Rosie Project but haven’t read it yet; will take a look at the others!

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  2. Royally Lost looks adorable! Definitely one I think I’d enjoy and hope you do as well!

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  3. Thanks for the heads up on The Rosie project being on sale. Enjoy all your new books!

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  4. I am a total Kindle addict, too. I love sending people books when they’re on sale too. I really liked Ruthie Knox and hope you like the Camelot series.

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  5. Enjoy your books! I’d like to read the Hill and Simsion books.

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  6. Great haul! Royally Lost sounds so absolutely cute! My favorite kind of happy reading!
    Enjoy your new books!

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  7. I downloaded The Rosie Project last week – love those sales!

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  8. awesome haul! I’ll check them out :)

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  9. I bit on Rosie and numerous others. Kindle deals are my undoing.

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  10. Eeee, Royally Lost! I can’t wait to read that one. It looks adorable.

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  11. The Rosie Project was my first read of the New Year…loved it. And I want to read something by Joe Hill. I’ve been meaning to for awhile. Enjoy your books…and here’s MY WEEKLY SUNDAY/MONDAY UPDATES

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  12. I’m trying to find time to read NOS4A2 and THE SHINING GIRLS as well. And ROYALLY LOST looks so cute!

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  13. ENJOY all your books.

    The Rosie Project seems to be quite popular.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Mailbox Monday

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  14. Hi Lucy,

    I would definitely say that you are a Kindle deal addict, so you are in good company with my mother-in-law. When we purchased her Kindle as a gift, hubbie set it up on his account along with my own Kindle, so now, when she purchases books, the titles automatically get added to both our machines! Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your pont of view, she trawls the special offer boards daily and I consequently have 286 books sat in my archive, which I have never even looked at …. Oh Well! Plenty for a rainy day!!

    Have a great bargain hunting week,


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  15. It looks like you got some great deals! How do you find out about them?

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    • One of my rituals is to check the kindle daily deals and then sometimes other books catch my attention, plus I’ll see them posted on social media too.

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  16. Lots of new goodies for you this week :):)
    I bought Tampa a week ago for my Nook because it was cheap … and I’m curious about it as well.
    Enjoy and happy reading!

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  17. I’m SO glad you bought FORTUNE’S PAWN! I loved it so much and I think you will, too. I’m curious to hear what you’ll think of GLASS CASKET and SHINING GIRLS as well. And I really liked TAMPA, despite the squicky subject. :P Happy reading, Lucy! This should keep you busy for awhile, hah.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

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  18. I have Tampa. I will get around it in a few days.

    Have a great mailbox each week, in 2014!

    Here is my post

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  19. Oh my goodness…those Kindle deals – fantastic! I thought I was good for managing to snag The Shining Girls for $8!
    The Rosie Project is also fantastic, I hope you love it :)

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  20. I still have not read NOS4A2 by Joe Hill! it is on the shelf

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