Top Ten (Bookish) Goals for 2014

January 7, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 46

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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature from The Broke and the Bookish. I find this week’s topic one of the toughest of the year- it’s when we jot down our resolutions!

My goals get less ambitious every year. For instance, this year the only book challenge I’m signing up for is the Goodreads reading challenge. Sure, there are categories that I want to read more of this year, but at this point I have to admit that I suck at reading challenges. I never remember to update my progress, and once I make a list of titles to read that’s like a surefire way for me to never think about the book again.

Wow, I’m starting this off on such a sour note!

These are my bookish/personal resolutions:

1. Read 130 books – that comes to 2.5 books a week, and less than I read last year so it seems realistic enough.

2. Shop my bookshelves before buying more books – I need to read the books I already own instead of the new shiny releases, however tempting they are. And on that note…

3. Continue to utilize the library – I can put a new release book on hold and if I’m at the top of the list I can read it the week of publication. Overdrive is an awesome resource for audiobooks, too. And if I have to buy it…

4. Try to shop local bookstores more – I’m lucky to have several good independent bookstores in my city, plus Barnes & Noble. (They’ve been having good sales lately!)

5. Cull my bookshelves – Interests change and even though I get attached to my books, I know that the space could be better utilized (with books I’m actually going to read). I started culling last year and found some places to donate but I need to keep on top of it.

6. Keep an organized blog – Update the review archive in a timelier manner, delete non-relevant posts, keep calendar updated with post ideas, make it a habit to cross-post, etc.

7. Make book reviews fun – I think a lot of us have review burnout. I don’t have an answer to combat review fatigue but I’m going to try out a few different things to make it fun. And I’m not going to force a review if I’m not feeling it- sometimes there’s just nothing to say and that’s okay. And on the same wavelength…

8. Don’t get in a blog rut – Add more variety to my blog posts so that it’s not always the same old routine. We’re starting to blog about movies and TV more, and I want to continue to write more pop culture posts. Also, looking at year-end recaps I can see some posts are popular year after year, so I want to freshen up those posts or write about the topic again.

9. Read what makes me happy – I have to read what my heart wants or I’ll start to resent this blog. Reading a review book I’m not feeling is not good for anyone, so I need to DNF more, re-read a favorite, or read something I’ve been wanting to read for years.

10. Take that book on the treadmill – So cliché, I know, but work out more! I was in a good groove for a while but fell off the wagon when I got injured. I know exercising is good for my body and my mood so I’ve got to make it a habit again.

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Do we have any bookish resolutions in common? What do you hope to accomplish this year?


46 Responses to “Top Ten (Bookish) Goals for 2014”

    • Lucy

      I put a few books on hold at the library after writing this post. Maybe there is something to putting the goals down in writing!

  1. Felicia S (The Geeky Blogger)

    I am going to be shopping my bookshelves too :) We can shop them together and keep each other in line! Also I have decided that I will keep Book Blog Walkers going all year. Even if it is just like 5 people joining in :)

    • Lucy

      I think I’ll join you in Book Blog Walkers next month (after I read the fine print, lol) Glad you’ll be shopping the bookshelves with me!

  2. Dina

    Last year I really forced myself to get to use the library more. Besides space concerns, there are books I know I will read once and do not need to purchase. Good luck with your goals!

  3. C. C. Gevry

    Love these goals. I’ve slowly been reading less each year, but I hope that changes this year as I try to work through my enormous TBR pile before requesting new titles. I don’t use the library enough either.Donating books is such a fun thing. I’ll have to check out your link.

    Good luck with your goals.

  4. Candice

    “once I make a list of titles to read that’s like a surefire way for me to never think about the book again” I’m glad I’m not the only one like this! I feel like the second I decide to read a book 5 others look super interesting. Definitely some great goals on here! I totally agree about curbing book purchases, using the library more and donating books; I need to do more of this in 2014. Good luck!

    • Tara

      I just wrote a post (scheduled for later this spring) about how required reading can feel like the kiss of death for a book — even when it’s only “required” because I made a list of books I wanted to read. Like, what is the psychological thing at play there?! TOO MANY BOOKS. But I like making lists, and will continue to make lists. It’s funny that we all experience this. I thought I was the only one!

      • Lucy

        I think you’re right that there is something psychological in play about the reluctance to read required books. And yeah my favorite part of the challenges was making the lists! Looking forward to your post on the topic :)

    • Lucy

      I’m glad you understand! I honestly feel like a weight has been lifted since I decided not to take part in any reading challenges.

  5. Sunny

    You have great goals, I know you can do them! I especially love #10. I can’t sit too long so I go on a walk a lot and at night, I go on my treadmill and that’s my for sure reading time. I read and walk for as long as I can and it’s great, I recommend it!

    • Lucy

      Good for you, Sunny! I need to follow your example :) I do take my audiobook for a walk but for some reason I prefer music or TV on the treadmill for some reason.

  6. Jen (Pop! Goes The Reader)

    I’m a little disappointed I didn’t participate in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday because I already had a review scheduled. While I’m not typically one to make concrete resolutions, I’m finding everyone’s answers really inspiring and it makes me want to make my own! I particularly like your idea to ‘shop your bookshelves’. I have absolutely no willpower when it comes to purchasing new books, but they’re beginning to push me out of house and home. If nothing else, I would love to focus on some of the books I’ve purchased in the past and was dying to read, only to put off indefinitely. I purchased them for a reason, after all! It’s time to focus on what I do have and begin to cull my ever-growing collection!

    • Lucy

      Here here! Tuesday’s are hard because I want all the new books! But what I did instead is put them on hold at the library :) Baby steps!

    • Lucy

      I’ve been dreading reviews lately, but using a list format is helping a little. Let me know what you come up with!

  7. Tammy Sparks

    I think the longer we blog, the harder it is to keep the excitement for our blogs going strong. I’ve been noticing a trend for this TTT, and lots of bloggers want to read less review books and more books that THEY want to read. I think being a book reviewer is starting to take its toll on lots of us. Here’s to all of us sticking to that goal!

  8. Andrea

    Except for #1, this could be my list. Everything else you listed are things I also need to work on, especially #2 and #5. It’s hard to resist the new pretties, though…

  9. Leslie

    All great goals! Shopping my own bookshelves is one of the most difficult for me. The allure of new books is irresistible

  10. Quinn

    I’ve only signed up for the goodreads challenge, too. Last year I signed up for a few more, and NEVER followed through with them. Yay for using your library more. I love the library :)

    Also, I need to read my books before buying new ones, too. I have so many books that I bought that are now just collecting dust on my shelves. So bad.

  11. Sandie

    Great list. I’m starting to use the library more, particularly because every bookshelf in the house (including the kids’ huge Billy bookcases from IKEA) are overflowing. We don’t need to own EVERY SINGLE BOOK! Here’s to a great 2014!

    • Lucy

      I hear ya. Last year I ended up with so many print copies it’s out of control! Good luck with your goals :)

  12. Vyki @ On The Shelf

    These are all really great goals! I wasn’t even going to try to lie to myself about making an exercise resolution, it never works. I was doing Zumba for a while until I cracked a couple ribs from a seriously bad bout of bronchitis coughing, but I definitely will eat better. I also have a bad habit of getting books for my personal shelves, then never reading them, so that is something I need to fix, too, of course being broke also helps not being able to add to the shleves… Thanks for coming by :-)

    • Lucy

      Zumba is very fun and burns the calories. It’s hard to recover from an injury like that, you poor thing! Ouch!
      Good luck with all your goals :)

  13. Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA

    I definitely need to work on culling. I have a ton of books I no longer want to read. Fortunately, most of them were bought used, but that still adds up to a lot of money.

  14. gatergirl96

    I like this list as well and have plenty of books on my nook I have to read. Once I read them I archive them so I don’t double up. But, I’m a sucker for an app that I have for the free books and a lot of them turn out to be really great but I have loads of them along with the new releases lol!

  15. Maggie

    Yay library! I’m always so surprised that more bloggers don’t utilize the library more. And I really like your goal to shop at your local stores. I definitely fall pray to Amazon’s cheap prices but shopping local is so important.

  16. elena

    I LOVE MY LIBRARY! I just put on hold a bunch of books and I’m currently putting on a bunch more. Free books! What more could you want?

  17. Zen A.

    130 books? Good luck with that! I’ve set a goal of 50 books for myself this year and I’m already worried that I’m not going to make it. I am definitely with you when it comes to no. 2; I have more than 60 books on my shelves that need to be read, but I keep buying more and more… though I cannot imagine parting with any of my books, even if I didn’t like them. xD

  18. bookgoonie

    You are my book blog soul sister. I could shout a loud “Amen” to each and everyone. I suck at Reading Challenges, I’m backing down my GR goal, and absolutely have to take care of myself. I did a huge cull before Christmas. It made me sad to think I might not get around to discovering the story between the covers, but my student’s excitement at seeing me add them to the school library helped me through the loss.

    Here’s to Rocking 2014.

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