Going Roux by Robin Benway bonus bridge story

January 13, 2014 Book launch, Young Adult 5

Hey, did you know the sequel to Robin Benway’s Also Known As is coming out tomorrow? Going Rogue continues the fun spy caper story with more mystery, romance, humor and international travel! If you need a refresher on this series before diving in to Going Rogue tomorrow, you’re in luck! Check out the bridge story from BFF scene-stealer Roux’s perspective: Going Roux! (Read now below or here: http://issuu.com/bloomsbury/docs/going_roux)

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Going Roux fills you in on the who’s who and what’s what of Also Known As, and let’s you get to know Miss- Comedy-Relief Roux a little better.  Learn about Maggie and Roux’s summer plans, what Maggie’s dad is making for dinner, what’s the latest spy gadget from Angelo, and how Roux is training to join the spy team!

So, read it now and don’t forget to pick up Going Rogue tomorrow! Look for a review of Going Rogue and a giveaway later this week!

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