Top Ten Bookish Items on my Radar

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we’re talking about all the Bookish Things (that aren’t books) that we want to own! This was a fun exercise, because I’m usually just all about the books. I found lots of great gift ideas though!

1. E-Reader cover - It’s hard to find vegan e-reader covers, and I love the one I have, but can’t help but be tempted by this pretty one. Source

vegan ereader cover

2. Bookshelves – This Stacked Teacup Bookcase is fun. Source 

tea cup bookcase

3. Book Jewelry – This shop has a lot of cute bookshelf necklaces! Source 

bookshelf necklace

4. Book Mug – A banned books coffee mug! Source

banned books coffee mug

5. Book Stationery – Lots of great literary greeting cards! Source 

literary greeting card

6. Book Art  – This would be great in a child’s bedroom, or in my own library of course. Source

reading is cool book art

7. Book Accessories  – How handy is this Personal Library Kit? Source 

personal library kit

8. Book Bag – Lots of great literary tote bags can be found here, like this Little Women bag. Source 

little women tote

9. Phone Case  – Vintage library card inspired case! Source 

library card catalog phone case

10. Reading Lamp – Love this book rest reading lamp. There are lots of other great bookish items at the LAPL store. Source 

book rest reading lamp

What are the bookish items you have your eye on?

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  1. I particularly like the phone case!!


  2. Love the tote bag! I’ve considered buying the personal library kit but usually end up stopping myself because I rarely loan out my books.


    • I’m gun-shy about loaning books too, but I still love the idea of having library supplies. All the totes on that site are so tempting!


  3. The reading lamp is beautiful <3 _ <3


  4. I have that banned book mug and it is worth every penny!


  5. I love that reading lamp soooo much! I am going to go out on the internet and try to find it to buy!

    Top Ten Bookish Items


  6. Love the teacup bookshelves and the e-reader cover with birds on! The lamp bookmark caught my eye but didn’t quite make it onto My TTT. Great list :-)


  7. These are all fantastic! I especially love the Coryography necklaces. Most of these are not available in South Africa, which sucks. Soon as I graduate and I am employed, I’m going to be ordering these things from overseas like crazy!


  8. Oooh, I LOVE the bookcase necklace so much! I just looked and the same seller has a Harry Potter one on her Etsy store. So cool!


  9. Bookish Things are the cutest things.


  10. Oh my god those bookshelf necklaces are so damn cute! *_____* I need one.


  11. I really like the teacup bookshelves. They’re gorgeous!


  12. Those things are so cute! I especially love the necklace!


  13. I want that Book Mug! And that Kindle cover tempts me too… :)


  14. That lamp is pretty rad. It seems like a must-have for any nightstand!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


  15. I love the teacup bookshelves and the iphone case. My iphone case is looking a little beat up lately so I might need to look into that. Great list!


  16. I actually have that personal library kit. It was gifted to me YEARs ago, and I just put it on display. It’s too pretty to use :)


  17. I feel you on the non-leather e-reader covers! I just found one on ebay for my original Nexus tablet, but we don’t have the amount of choice that most people do!

    I love the mug, such a great design! And the tea cup shelves, CUTE!

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist


  18. I have that Reading IS Cool print! My sister got it for me one year! :)


  19. oh my … that Penguin Putnam book lamp. Oh. My. I think I might actually need to get that, and sooner rather than later! (&&just so you know, I have that book mug and the personal library kit, they’re both awesome! The mug is even textured!)

    Here’s my list of all-things-bookish-to-buy, if you’d like to check it out:)

    Lindsey @ Bring My Books


  20. That Kindle cover is so cute! I always want cute Kindle covers but am limited because I prefer the covers that flip open from the top and not from the side like normal books. And I love all of the Out of Print stuff. It’s always so hard not to buy it all when I see it.



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