Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to you by The Broke and the Bookish. It’s easier for me to make lists of the books I want to read than come up with general reading goals, but I’ll give it a shot. I basically just want to continue making blogging and reading fun for me and to not put too much pressure on myself in terms of goals. With that in mind here are a few items on my mind for the year:

1. Continue to utilize the library and read the books I check out – I’m good about putting new releases on hold and checking them out (and renewing the maximum # of times) but many times books will go back to the library unread. I need to make reading them a priority.

2. Read the books on my “resolve to read” list – These are all books I have in my possession and I don’t want to forget about them in favor of new releases. I’d love to check off this goal at the end of year, and it’s achievable if I read one book from the list per month.

3. Write down review / thoughts right after reading a book – I am so behind on reviews it’s not even funny. I need to get into the groove of reviewing right after I finish a book.

4. Don’t over-commit, it’s OK to say no. – Leave some flexibility in my blogging schedule so I’m not over-scheduled. Don’t commit to too many promotional posts.

5. Schedule more posts ahead of time for some breathing room – I started using a basic calendar to plan out my blog schedule, and I’d love to get to the point where I have posts saved up and I’m not stressing the night before.

6. Catch up on series books – I’m behind on so many sequels and I don’t want to get too far behind where I’ll never catch up.

7. Visit new blogs and comment more consistently – I appreciate everyone that comments on my blog so much. Unfortunately when I don’t have a lot of time this is the area that I cut back on, and I want to make this more of a priority again.

8. Catch up on the books, e-books and audiobooks I already own – THIS! I would love to make a dent in the TBR pile.

9. Read more books out of my comfort zone – I started branching out a little into memoirs, more New Adult/Adult books and I want to continue to try new genres and read lesser-known books.

10. Give myself the flexibility to read what I want or reread an old favorite. Don’t stress! – Ultimately I’m a mood reader and I need to give myself permission to go with that instinct. And if a book is not rocking my world I need to be able to put it down and move on to something else.

This is the third year I’ve made bookish/blogging goals and they’ve gotten less and less ambitious each year and I think that’s OK.

Do you have any bookish goals this year?


23 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013

  1. Oksana says:

    Good goals, Lucy! I especially agree about catching up. I’m also behind on so many sequels and just the books I wanted to read for a long time and still haven’t. I just need to read them first instead of adding new books to my already huge TBR pile.

  2. these are some really great goals, lucy. i definitely want to get some of my tbr pile down and read some of those library books. i just returned 2 yesterday that i never read and had out for over a month. and i am like 4 audiobooks behind on my audible credits right now.

    i definitely wish i had more posts scheduled ahead of time. even a week ahead would give me so much less stress. i try but i am the slowest writer and never manage get ahead of myself.

  3. I hear you on commenting I want to bump my hits up but if I am not active that will never happen also not over commiting. I did that last year and need to work on reading the books I have and ones I agreed to read.

  4. Lucy your list is so focussed! Reading outside my comfort zone is on my list too, and I def agree with no. 10 – life is too short to continue reading books you’re not enjoying. Good luck with meeting your reading goals this year!

    My TTT

  5. I love every single one of your goals. I started branching out into new genres last year too and I definitely want to continue that. And YES to not over committing! I need to say no to NetGalley! πŸ˜‰

  6. BermudaOnion says:

    Good luck! I think I’ve finally made peace with the fact that I’ll never be caught up with reviews again.

  7. Great goals! Love the “don’t stress” one the best. I don’t do goals, but instead create a theme for the year. Last year was my Year of Writing (to try and get back to more regular writing, which I did) and this year my theme is Sanctuary- which will include escape into reading! πŸ™‚

  8. Vikk Simmons says:

    Dont’ stress is such a good goal, along with that I’d add relax and enjoy. Great post on goals for the new year.

  9. emziixgx says:

    I’m really bad for taking library books out and then taking them back unread too. Hoping to start the year as I mean to go on and get the library ones I already have on my shelf read before reading starting anything new lol great list πŸ™‚

  10. B says:

    Ya know, I think I’ll start getting back to the library! What a good item! Now I’m bummed I didn’t add it to mine!

  11. Candice says:

    Love your goals! I really need to learn to say “no” more often and not let myself feel obligated to read a book that I’m just not feeling. There are so many great books that I’d love to read again but feel that I can’t or books that I really want to read but don’t let myself because I have books I “have” to read. I need to get out of this habit and just read for the pure enjoyment!

  12. Tammy Sparks says:

    Great goals, Lucy! I know how you feel, it’s exhausting trying to keep up with everything. I’ll probably be in your shoes by next year!

  13. We have some really similar goals! I’m a big fan of the library, and that’s pretty much my main source for reading material. I want to keep using it this year because it’s SUCH a money saver. I hate not always getting to read a book right when it’s released, but it is free, so I guess the wait is worth it.

  14. I’m terrible at saying no, I should have added that to my list. And I really need to visit and comment on new blogs if I intend to grow my blog network (another goal of mine). Good luck!

  15. I like your flexibility goal! It’s so easy to get caught up with challenges and other bookish obligations that it can take some of the joy out of the reading experience. And ditto on getting caught up on reviews. I’m so behind it’s not even funny!

  16. We have a lot of the same goals. Looking forward to catching up on series this year as well. Good luck!

  17. tinalinatime says:

    Scheduling reviews/posts ahead of time is a huge deal! Its one of my goals this year too. I’ve already scheduled all of January and it’s so nice to feel free!! πŸ™‚

  18. Elizabeth says:

    I’d also like to be better about reviewing books right after I read them, instead of getting a big backlog and forgetting about what I had to say. I try not to stress too much about it, but I think I write better reviews when a book is fresh in my mind.

  19. I have NEVER read a memoir, but I love the idea of mixing it up, (and I love Tina Fey, so why not start there?) Thanks for sharing. Check out our resolutions.

  20. veganyanerds says:

    These are some great goals, Lucy! I really want to read more of the books (and ebooks) that I already own, too!

  21. Aw men, now my top wish is for Philippines to have publisc libraries. Most of you get to check out books from libraries while I cant πŸ™ Anyway, goodluckwith these goals!

    My Goals for 2013

  22. MsJohannah says:

    Great goals! This year is to read more on my actual book shelf. And read more adult novels or try to because YA trumps adult novels on my bookshelf. So far, it is a rocky start. I loved Sharp Objects but I can’t seem to get into any of my other reads.

  23. Krystianna says:

    I should probably really start writing down my initial thoughts after I read a book as well. I’m behind for reviews on about 6 books, so writing initial thoughts would definitely help.

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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