Rock It by Jennifer Chance Review, Excerpt and Giveaway

Rock It Jennifer ChanceRock It is the first book in the New Adult Rule Breakers 4-book series by Jennifer Chance. Rock It is about what happens when a girl’s dreams about a rock star become reality years later when her PR firm is hired to work with him. If you like bad boys, rock stars, and new adult books, this is the series for you.

Rock It is fun, escapist romance. Lacey has obsessed over rock frontman Dante Falcone since she was sixteen, making scrapbooks, writing him letters, and seeing him in concert. Now it’s six years later and she has a job as a junior talent agent and has to be Dante’s handler on tour. She is career driven and needs to remain professional though her rock fantasy has come to life.

Author Jennifer Chance also writes the historical YA Maids of Honor series under the name Jennifer McGowan, and this is her first foray into the contemporary NA world.

The first book in the Rule Breakers series is fun and flirty, with a relatable hook. It’s easy to connect to Lacey’s teenage obsessions and imagine what would happen if you came face to face with your idol. There are some embarrassing moments for Lacey, though she tries to hold it together as best she can.

Dante is not a typical bad boy rocker, or maybe he’s just ready to settle down a little. He’s achieved all his rock star dreams and aspires to something more. Seeing Lacey’s enthusiasm, fresh ideas and belief in him makes him think he can take his career to the next step. Plus, she seems to get him like no one else does.

There’s a little dramarama from Lacey’s agency to create some angst in the story. But it’s refreshing that there aren’t any third parties in the romance.

Rock It is a fast, enjoyable read, and I liked that workplace and career drama was a focus as well as the romance. And I’m a sucker for music-themed rocker books, what can I say. The next book, Fake It, is due out in July and focuses on Lacey’s friend Anna. Hopefully we well get to check in with Lacey and Dante in the next book as well. Rock It is on sale now.

Here’s a sneak peak of Rock It from Random House Loveswept. It’s a scene when Lacey sees Dante on stage and they share a moment:

Dante Falcone, Rock God (Excerpt 1)                   

Dante Falcone was clad in head-to-toe black leather that hugged and cupped and stretched over his body as intimately as a second skin. His jacket was ripped open, his gleaming chest showing one of the reasons why he was so popular in a multimedia world—Dante wasn’t just an amazing singer, he had the body of a male model, his face and physique apparently undamaged from eight hard years of living on the road. As Lacey fought to keep her footing despite the mass of bodies behind her, pushing her ever closer to the stage, she drank in the sight of him. He was all dark eyes and beautiful mouth, his heavenly voice now practically screaming into his mike as his eyes roamed the stadium, drinking in the adulation like a king. Or a god. Or an angel.

He was worth every penny anyone ever paid him, she thought fleetingly, just as one particularly shrill voice screeched in her ear, “Dante, I love you!”

Then Lacey felt a brutal push against her hip. She stumbled forward, crushed up against the stage for a moment until she straightened, desperately trying to regain her footing even as fans surged over and around her, spilling onto the stage.

The horde pulsed as the security guards finally moved into action, and Lacey’s hands balled hard into fists as another frantic girl tried to climb up to the stage by way of Lacey’s back. Someone was going to die if this kept up, but just as her eyes swept the stage, she saw Dante Falcone staring down at her. And only at her.

And it totally wasn’t a daydream this time.

He really was looking at her. The pressure of his gaze seemed to clear a space around her . . . Well, that and the security guard, who’d finally made his way across the floor, opening a path as the crowd fell back.

“You okay?” the burly man shouted as he stopped in front of her.

“I’m fine—thank you!” Lacey’s words were automatic, her gaze still fixed on Dante. He moved in perfect rhythm with the music as he watched her, smiling between the words of the song, letting her know that he’d seen her distress and had somehow come to her aid.

Lacey shook her head, hard, to clear it. Dante couldn’t have any idea who she was—much less care—but he was staring at her as if it was she who had captured his attention, she who held his world. A distant, vague part of her mind registered the beefy security guy at her side, knew that she had just been written into the night’s act as the fans screamed their approval and her face flashed all over the Jumbotrons. But none of that mattered, not right then.

With one soft smile, Dante Falcone had made her feel wonderfully, sweetly, hopelessly sixteen, all over again.

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