Audiobook Bloggers Week – Motivation Monday

audiobook bloggers week

It’s day two of Audiobook Bloggers Week! Miss Pippi at Adolescent Audio Adventures put this event together, and all week we will be celebrating all things audiobooks! Visit Miss Pippi to get the #AudiobookBloggersWeek schedule of events and find new audiobook bloggers to follow.

Today’s prompt: Motivation

#MotivationMonday – How do you start a blog? OR How do you get out of an audiobook slump? Do you have a review formula to share?

Audiobook Slumps

Just like reading and blogging slumps, listeners can also get into an audiobook slump. Sometimes that happens to me after listening to a 5-star audiobook – anything I listen to next pales in comparison.  When that happens, I’ll either listen to music on Spotify or listen to a few podcasts. (I’m currently listening to The Gilmore Guys to get ready for the Gilmore Girls revival) Another way I get out of a listening slump is by giving an old favorite audiobook a re-listen- I call that the comfort listen. Alternatively you could try listening to a book you enjoyed in print to get a new experience, or try a new genre- maybe a humorous memoir? One of those usually does the trick!

Audiobook Reviews – is there a magic formula?

In my audiobook reviews I talk about the book and what I enjoyed/disliked, and always make sure to comment on the narration. Was the narrator the right fit for the book? How was the reading pace? (I like a fast pace, but thankfully we can adjust the pace in audiobook apps) Does the narrator make each character sound distinct in terms of age, gender, accent, and pitch? How was the audiobook production – were there any pauses or background noise that detracted from the experience? When audio clips are available from Overdrive or Soundcloud I add them to my audiobook review as well.

I don’t think there is a magic formula to audiobook reviews. Some bloggers use a bullet point list, top 10, or a like/dislike style. Whichever works best for you! All I really want to know when I read audiobook reviews is some sort of comment on the listening experience, even if it’s just a sentence or two.

What do you like to see in audiobook reviews? Have you ever been in an audiobook slump, and how did you get out of it? Do you have any comfort listens?


5 thoughts on “Audiobook Bloggers Week – Motivation Monday

  1. I haven’t had an audio book slump yet but I don’t listen to nearly as many as some people do.

  2. Great post! I haven’t had an audiobook slump; I love your Audiobook Bloggers Week.

  3. Miss Pippi says:

    Sometimes I find myself in a slump after a sad story. I’ll skip over to some favorite music or find an amusing, funny story. I have a stack of books I’d like to re-read, but with so many new stories being published I find it hard to go back and re-listen.

  4. My slumps are really more related to my stress levels than to my desire to listen. I don’t like them, though. They don’t feel natural.

    I missed the prompt about review formats. I 100% agree that an audiobook review can take whatever format works the best for the reviewer, but please, please, please at least mention the narrator and the listening experience!

  5. I have listened to a few audiobooks but have not had a slump yet. I would love to listen to more however!

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