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audiobook bloggers week

Welcome to the first day of Audiobook Bloggers Week! Miss Pippi at Adolescent Audio Adventures put this event together, and all week we will be celebrating all things audiobooks! Visit Miss Pippi to get the #AudiobookBloggersWeek schedule of events and find new audiobook bloggers to follow.

We are kicking the week off with introductions so read on to find out more about my experience with audiobooks.

Today’s prompt: Introductions

 #SunnyHello – Introduce yourself and your blog. How long have you been blogging? Has your blog changed over the years? What your genres of choice?

My blog is called The Reading Date but considering I listen more than read perhaps The Listening Date is a better fit. I started The Reading Date in 2010 as a place to talk about books, primarily YA Fiction since I was reading with my teen. My teen is now applying to college and doesn’t have a lot of time to read for pleasure; so these days we aren’t sharing books as much. Now I’m reading less YA and more Contemporary Fiction, Thrillers, Memoirs, and the occasional Romance.

My audiobook listening has been ramping up for a few years now, and I listen to about 100 audiobooks a year, roughly 65% of my reading total. I started listening as a way to get more reading time in since audiobooks are perfect for multi-tasking. Listening is my preferred way to experience books now, and it takes me much longer to get through a print/ebook than an audiobook.

It’s great that audiobooks have really exploded in popularity because it’s made audiobooks more widely available. And though audiobooks can be an expensive habit, the library is a great resource, plus there are frequent audiobook sales. (But we’ll talk more about where to find audiobooks later in the week!)

Do you listen to audiobooks? What are your favorite genres?


8 thoughts on “Audiobook Bloggers Week – Introductions

  1. Miss Pippi says:

    I love that audiobooks have gained momentum! Thanks for joining #AudiobookBloggersWeek! My top audiobooks are books for youth and teens, but mostly youth. Happy listening!

    1. Lucy says:

      There are some wonderful MG audiobooks. Looking forward to reading more about your favorite titles!

  2. nrlymrtl says:

    I also listen to many audiobooks a year, perhaps as much as you. I love the ability to multi-task. Also, I find that I’m much more willing to try something outside my norm on audiobook than I would if it was an ebook or paperbook because I can multitask. That way, if I find the book isn’t to my liking, I haven’t wasted my time.

    1. Lucy says:

      Happy to meet another listener! Multi-tasking is a great benefit to audiobooks. And yeah, I do “listen” to books out of my comfort zone more than I would in print. I wonder why that is!

  3. I love audiobooks! I got an Audible subscription for Christmas last year and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to buy extra credits.

    1. Lucy says:

      Yay for audiobooks! Those Audible sales are so tempting, plus the whispersync for voice discounts.

  4. […] since it’s Audiobook Bloggers week here are a few audiobooks I’ve added to the queue. Which one should I listen to […]

  5. I love that audiobooks have exploded, too. It was if the industry was building up waiting for me to find my passion for them. 🙂

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