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It’s day three of Audiobook Bloggers Week! Miss Pippi at Adolescent Audio Adventures put this event together, and all week we will be celebrating all things audiobooks! Visit Miss Pippi to get the #AudiobookBloggersWeek schedule of events and find new audiobook bloggers to follow.

Today’s prompt: Travel

#TravelTuesday – Do you travel while listening or take audiobooks with you on vacation? Where do you like to listen to audiobooks?

Where do I listen to audiobooks? Everywhere! But, honestly when I’m on vacation I don’t listen as much. I want to be present with my travel companions rather than tune them out. The exception to that is if we are on a road trip and the family and I are listening to something together. (We listened to an actual books-on-tape abridged version of Jurassic Park recently!)

Audiobooks did save me during an unpleasant plane trip.  I closed my eyes and put on an audiobook to distract me from the turbulence and that helped get me through it.

Since I don’t generally vacation with audiobooks, here are the circumstances in which I do listen:

Where to Listen to Audiobooks

travel tuesday

Cooking – I have food sensitivities that make dining out tricky, so I end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen. A good audiobook keeps me company through all the chopping and other food prep. Plus, unless it’s a very complicated recipe the cooking tasks don’t distract from my listening.

Washing dishes – Sadly I have no dishwasher so many an audiobook is listened to over the sink.

Walking/Exercise  – If you have a fitness tracker you’re always trying to get to your step goal. Listening to an audiobook helps you get motivated to exercise and keeps you company during long walks.

Laundry – Listen while you’re folding clothes and you’ll be done in no time.

Commuting – Take an audiobook on the road or on public transit to get more listening time in.

Cleaning – I can’t imagine mopping or doing other household cleaning tasks without an audiobook to distract me.

Data entry – I’ll listen while I’m reconciling my bank account, or doing other light data entry.

travel tuesday the life changing magic of tidying up

Decluttering – You could even listen to Marie Kondo’s audiobooks while you tidy up your space.

Blog Maintenance – You can do some light blogging tasks while listening. Like, I need to update some of my feature pages and reading lists and an audiobook would be perfect for that.

Pet care – I have birds, so I can listen while I’m cleaning their cage. But, if/when I get a dog you can bet I’d listen while we were out on walks.

Get crafty – You can listen while coloring in an adult coloring book, while knitting, or completing a puzzle.

Gaming – I have some game apps that you can play while you listen. Does anyone still play Pokémon Go?

Before bed – Have insomnia? Try an audiobook to help you drift off. Remember to put a sleep timer on so you don’t have to find your place again.

Do you take audiobooks on the road with you, or listen on the beach? Where is your favorite place to listen?


5 thoughts on “Audiobook Bloggers Week – Travel Tuesday

  1. I actually do most of my listening in the car so I do take audio books on vacation with me when I’m driving alone.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m on the road at least an hour and a half each day for work, so I listen to audiobooks during that time. It makes the drive better, and let’s me work through my to-be-read list!

  3. Miss Pippi says:

    Great list of where to listen to audiobooks! I just listened to Marie Kondo’s book and would highly recommend it as well.

  4. I love your list of places/times to listen to audiobooks! I especially love to listen when I’m crafting (so long as I’m alone). It makes my hobby that much more enjoyable.

  5. I listen to audiobooks when I am cleaning house, getting dinner ready, when I am listening to one, I may just be following along with ebook! I have to go to doctor a lot so I listen to them on the way there, I travel on paratransit so sometimes, it takes a while to get there, the only time I do not listen to audiobooks is when I am on city bus because I got so involved in listening I live in Burbank and was just going to mall in Glendale and wound up in downtown Los Angeles! I had to walk 3 blocks among all the worst situations one would want to be in and thankfully bus came in 5 minutes. I am 65 so I do not go to Los Angeles! I used to go when I was younger to get great bargains in material and lace and such!

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