Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Book Review

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’m a total Colleen Hoover book pusher on this blog. So, when I received a copy of Hoover’s latest, Maybe Someday, it was a drop-everything-else-and-read-this-now type of situation. My favorite types of books are emotional ones that make me feel and Hoover always delivers in that department. Hoovers’ writing style is very engaging and draws you in, and she’s one of the big reasons I don’t give up on New Adult. I always find myself staying up late to finish her latest release. Hoover plays with her readers’ hearts with her books, and all the tension at the end of Maybe Someday had me gripping my kindle tight and hoping for a happy ending.

maybe someday by colleen hoover

I’m going to be very vague with my Maybe Someday plot synopsis because there are some spoilery things that I can’t tell you. It’s kind of killing me, but I want to let you discover them on your own.

OK, so Sydney has just been burned by her boyfriend and best friend, and on her birthday no less. With nowhere to turn, her neighbor Ridge, a handsome songwriter with writer’s block, invites Sydney to stay with him and his roommates. Ridge is hoping Sydney will collaborate on lyrics so having her nearby will help facilitate that. Sydney and Ridge have off the charts chemistry, which only builds during their mega songwriting sessions. (Now use your imagination to insert double whammy twists here)

Maybe Someday will take you out of your comfort zone, so I can understand why the official synopsis is ambiguous. If you’ve read Hoovers’ other books, have faith because I think you’ll fall hard for Ridge and Sydney as much or more than Hoover’s other romantic pairings.

Music plays a big role in Maybe Someday, and instead of just creating a book playlist for this novel, Hoover takes it a step further with a whole Maybe Someday inspired album, performed by musician and Losing Hope cover model Griffin Peterson. When Ridge and Sydney write songs, the lyrics are very personal to them, so how cool that you can listen to the referenced songs while you’re reading. The paperback book has QR codes that you can scan on your smart phone to listen to the songs as they pop up in the book. Peterson and Hoover talk about the process here:

The book is told from both Sydney and Ridge’s perspective, and I think that was an important decision for this story. Hoover creates so many different interesting ways for Sydney and Ridge to communicate, through lyrics, texts, facebook, sharpie to skin, and meaningful stares. I love when authors find unconventional methods of communication like that. Since Ridge works from home and Sydney isn’t working, the two spend lots of alone time in their songwriting bubble.

Maybe Someday is romantic, happy, sad, emotional, and heart wrenching, and best experienced if you go in blind. So try to remain spoiler free!

Colleen Hoover fans will eat this book up, and if you’ve never read one of her books I think you should start here. I’m going to check out the audiobook next week, and I’m so curious how that experience will be. It would be cool if music was incorporated in the story, and I’ll give you the low-down soon. Maybe Someday (the book and soundtrack) is on sale March 18th.

I received a review copy of Maybe Someday from Atria Books via Netgalley, and no bribes of blue dresses, love songs or Sounds of Cedar backstage passes were exchanged.

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After you read Maybe Someday, enter the password to read the bonus epilogue here!

Here’s a short clip of the song Maybe Someday by Griffin Peterson:


4 thoughts on “Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Book Review

  1. BermudaOnion says:

    I still need to read a NA book!

  2. I read Slammed by her which I loved. Now you really make me want to read this one too! Great review.

  3. fishgirl182 says:

    Great review. I definitely want to read this one. And I hate spoilers so will try to stay as spoiler free as possible.

  4. bookgoonie says:

    You got me officially more stoked to pick it up ASAP. Love Hoover. Very interested in how she used music. Giddy.

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